Pyramids and beaches 2017 travel buddies?


Hey guys! I’m Ruby-Rose from Melbourne, Australia, and am looking for any travel buddies to do the Pyramids and Beaches (Egypt) tour in October 2017! :slight_smile:


Im putting down a deposit for one at the start of November ! :slight_smile:


Hey all!

I’ve booked in on the 23rd of September - 7th of October, for two people!
I think there is about 3 of us booked on here already! You should join us if you’re flexible!

Tay :slight_smile:


Hey Ruby!

My sister and I just put our deposit down for Pyramids & Beaches Oct 2017!!
We are from Sydney. Have you decided what dates you’re going?


Hey Ruby, we (3 of us) are booked for the first tour in October.:grinning: