Pyramids and beaches 2011 feb 5th


Hi Hi,

Just wanted to know if anybody is going to the pyramids and beaches tour from the 5th feb to 19 feb 2011??

Would love to get to know a few people before leaving aus.

Thanks Heaps



Hey! I am thinking of doing this tour too! There are a few i am trying to decide between. I am so excited. I am thinking of doing a south african tour before it.
where are you from?


Hi im sorry i didnt realsie you had posted!! Im from australia :slight_smile: Im going with 2 friends who currently live in London atm. So were meeting up for the tour. So far ive read good reviews on the trip pyramids and beaches so i cannot wait to go :)) I would love to do a south african tour but i cant get a lot of time off work for it unfortunately or id book it!!


Hey there
I just stumbled across you guys cos I’m doing the same tour on the same date. I am from NZ and flying on my OE to london in Feb for a few nights then to Cairo for this trip cos it will be pretty cold in London. I just booked and paid so starting to think …what do I need to take and hope I have enough money!


Hi Jess :))
I had originally had plans to go to london and meet up with my two friends but i couldnt get the extra time off work. I hope you have a great time in London. Jess im thinking the same thing what do i need to bring and spending money ect… im thinking like $1500 AU is enough?? but there isnt a lot of tips on spending money. And also im just taking light cotton clothing so i dont get hot and some warm clothes just incase it gets cold. Do you know of any tips or come across anything else?

If you have facebook add me im under Leigh Rachel Jo Reedy.

Cant wait for this trip!!


Hi ! Pyramids of Egypt are really stunning and i wish i could be there with you in Egypt. But i think it will not be possible for me to travel there in February. Hope to visit there soon and looking for your recommendations.