Pros and cons of short trips?


Hi guys,

I’m thinking of booking two shorter trips (Winter Waltz and Winter Britain & Ireland) rather than one long trip because that will let me go to more of the places I wanna go but does anyone have any comments about what short trips are like? Winter Waltz is only 7 days and I’m worried it will be too hard to make friends in that time or that people will be less sociable on the trip because it’s such a short time.

Any comments on this would be very helpful! Thank you!!


Look at it like a sampler.

So when you’re planning your next trip, if your enjoyed main land Europe more than the UK, for example, you might pick a longer Euro tour.


Short Trips allow you visit more places within limited span of time but It can be costlier. Short trips should be well planned and if u ask there, go to such place where you get some adventure as well as time to relax.