Pronto Italia tour Sept 4th Anyone?


Hi,[br][br]Just wondering if anyone has booked to do the Pronto Italia tour that starts from Florence on the 4th Sept - This tour joins up with the Bravo Italia tour which starts from Rome on the 30th Aug.[br][br]I am arriving in Florence on the 3rd Sept and it would be great if someone was arriving in Florence the same day as myself as I am travelling alone. Looking forward to the tour in September.[br][br]Sheelagh


Hey Sheelagh,[br][br]I’m doing the same tour and also travelling by myself. I am planning to arrive in Florence (from Rome, via Siena) either on the 3rd or the 4th. [br][br]Maybe we could arrange to catch up before the tour? [br][br]Cheers,[br]Rebecca.[br]Australia.


Rebecca,[br][br]It would be great to meet up before the tour starts, looking forward to it. I am travelling from Ireland. You will love Rome I was there last September there is so much to see. [br][br]Have you booked somewhere to stay yet in Florence? I am still looking but The Academy Hostel seems to have got great reviews on Hostel World.[br][br]Take care,[br][br]Sheelagh