Pronto Italia 2011 (August 19)


Anyone going on the Pronto Italia tour August 19th (or the Bravo Italia tour starting August 14 that meets up with us?) I’m getting very excited! ;D


Hi Erin! I am doing Bravo Italia tour Aug 14th!! I am getting super excited as well. I am also from Canada, where abouts are you from ?!? :slight_smile:


Thats great to hear someone else is on the tour! haha. I’m from Ontario:) how about you?! Are you travelling alone or with others?


Im from Ontario too! LOL what are the odds? I am doing it alone. First time. Really excited but a little nervous too! How about yourself?!


I’m going with my boyfriend’s sister :slight_smile: I’m SUPER excited too but reeeally nervous!! It will be both of our first times on an airplane and leaving North America! >:( I just hope we don’t get lost going from the airport to the hotel! lol


hahah thats my biggest worry too! I am sure everything will work out in the end! At least you have someone, I have to manage on my own :S lol, i am sure once you get to the airport it won’t be as bad as we think!