Prebooking activities


Hi Everyone,[br][br]I ahve noticed that on some postings people are talking about prebooking for activities and museum entries so they can skip the long lines. I asked my travel agent about this and she called topdeck who siad that u can not prebook activities till ur on the tour…but are they just talking about the topdeck optional activities. Would really like it if someone could clarify this for me? I’d really like to go to the Moulin Rouge…is that something i should prebook?[br][br]Anyone who knows of any places we should prebook, please, also post here


hey, yeah, I was the one that brought that up. I am pretty sure your travel agent is talking only about the topdeck optional events. Because of course, on the days that are alotted for free time, you can do whatever you please, so if you want to prebook something, then I think its safe to say your free to do so. [br][br]hope we get some more info on the whole situation though.[br]


Hi there[br]I work at Topdeck and I was just looking through the Forum and saw your comments…sorry for your confusion. I would just like you to know that I am going to set up a section on Optional trips that you can do while travelling with Topdeck. I hope this will help.[br]Thanks for bringing it to my attention…Tiggy


Yes, that would be good. But also, I did email topdeck and specifically ask about this. They said that on the walking tours, you normally just walk by the different sights, but don’t actually go in them. That’s what the free day is for. So after hearing that, I looked more into prebooking different things, and at pretty much everyplace, they required you to buy your ticket for a thirty minute time frame. (ex. 8:30-9:00) So figuring that we are on a tour, it seems likes a lot of things could come up that would make us miss our time frame, and the money would be lost, and they wouldn’t have to let you in. So I figure I’ll hold off on most pre-booking and just deal with what lines are there. Topdeck did say that your guide knows good places to get tickets also. We will just have see.


Thanks for that scoho…your probably right than we should just wait


Hi admin, was just wondering if the list of optional activities that we may want to prebook has been set up yet. If so where can we find it?


Hi there again - sorry - I just saw your last posting - I am currently uploading them on to each itinerary page and there is also a pdf download that you can print off with all of the options included it on them…hope that helps!;D