Pre-departure meetings??


Hi Guys,

Just wondering if we need to a attend a pre-departure meeting before our tour begins???
I am going on the ‘Spirit of Europe’ tour departing 4th May 2010 & I haven’t read anywhere about such a meeting.

Was speaking to a friend of mine the other night who went on a Contiki tour last year & she metioned they were required to attend a meeting the night before their tour began for Contiki to check their passports, travel insurance & to make sure they were actually on the right tour.

Made me think - exactly when do we get all of this checked? Bit hard for Topdeck to do so for 50 of us just before we leave isn’t it??

I don’t know, maybe I’m jumping the gun, but I’d rather check now then find out the day our tour departs we should’ve been somewhere the night before!