Pre-Departure Meeting


Does anyone know if this meeting is compulsory? I’m not sure if i’m able to make it at this stage but i don’t want to miss out on some important information![br][br]Does anyone know what the meeting consists of and if i should re-arrange my plans to attend?[br][br]Thanks


i was under the impression it was compulsary


no i dont think it is compulsory


I was under the impression that it is compulsary as well. They check all of your visas and insurance and tickets and so on! Below is what is says on the website…neither here nor there![br][br]If your trip departs from London, there will be a get together with your Trip Leader the night before the trip departs. The meeting will be at 7.00pm at the Globetrotter Inn hostel where your trip departs from the next morning. If you are staying at the Globetrotter the night before your trip, please check the Top Deck notice board[br]in Reception for details. If you are coming to the hostel just for the meeting, please ask at the reception desk where the Top Deck meeting is being held. Please bring with you your passport and Travel Insurance policy. This get together is a great way to meet your fellow travellers. After the meeting why not head to the Globetrotter bar and continue getting to know your fellow travellers. Just don?t stay up too late and miss your early departure in the morning![br]


I got an email from Topdeck and this is what they said:[br][br][quote]Hi[br] [br]How are you? Thanks for your email, no problems if you can not make the meeting. It?s just a chance for you to meet up with the trip leader and group and just have a chat about the trip. [br][br] [br][br]Have a wonderful trip![/quote][br][br][br]