Pre-Departure Information


Hi I’m going on the Britain and Ireland 22/5 - 5/6 and the Spirit of Europe 8/6 - 1/7 and I was just wondering if anyone knows when I’ll get the
pre-departure information I thought I’d get it a few weeks after I booked but I booked in Nov and still haven’t got anything?


Hi Gabrielle,

I’m booked in the Spirit of Europe tour departing 4th May & I/ my travel agent havent received anything yet either. Hoping I get it soon!!

Also, anyone had any luck at finding the “pre-departure info” & “optional activities” page on here?
Clicked on my “trip itinerary” link & the last page says to go to the topdeck site & find these docs to have a look at… Can’t find it though :-s


Hi Gabrielle!

All your documentation is sent to you via email 6 weeks before your trip departs. I can also advise that we are in the process of loading the generic itineraries as well the pre departure information onto the website. This should be up over the next couple of weeks so be sure to keep an eye out.

If concerned about your documents (if you are within six weeks of your trip’s departure for example) get in touch your travel agent as your documents get sent to them and they then pass them onto you. If you booked direct through Topdeck just email and we will be happy to take a look at your booking and advise when your documents will be ready!


Topdeck Team