Powered campsites for Mega European?


;D[br][br]Hi all[br][br]I just have a few questions for admin or people (specifically females) who have been on the Mega European - or even any eurocamping tour.[br][br]Might be a stupid question and it might be right under my nose somewhere but I can’t seem to find anything about it on the site or in the forums, but the are the campsites powered? and would there be several power points in the bathroom for say hair dryers/straighteners (I hate to be that girl, but i’m totally that girl).[br][br]Also for those who have done the Mega European, did you find that not staying in places for long enough frustrating? Because taking a squiz at the itinarary it looks like they power through the places really fast.[br][br]Any feedback would be phenomenal.[br][br]Cheers!![br][br]:o)


Hey![br][br]I did part of the Mega European last year (it was AWESOME!). All of the camp sites that I stayed in had power points in the bathrooms. I just plugged my phone in while I was hvaing a shower, and you can plug in hairdryers etc etc. Some of the campsites are absolutely amazing, I stayed in a 5* campsite in Florence. It had restaurant, loads of pool, and bars and a club, it was so cool! [br][br]I didnt think that we visited places to fast, but I really wanted to see everywhere and I would rather visit more places than stay longer in one place! Saying that we still had a whole day to explore most places, and you have the tour leader who can tell you all the best things to do see, so I reckon we had enough time! If that makes sense and doesnt look like loads of babble![br][br]That tour was one of the best things I’ve ever done, I had so much fun & met some awesome people! I would defo recommend it![br][br]Hope this helps, any more questions just let me know![br][br][br]Chloe


Thanks heaps Chloe!![br][br]Yeah that has helped heaps, I was really concerned about the hair thing so much appreciated ;D[br][br]What time of year did you go? I’m thinking of April, the weather seems like it would be good at during then, not too hot not too cold.[br]


Also is there internet access at any of the campsites? I will be bringing my own mini laptop


I went in May and it was perfect! I think in April it’s still a bit cold at night, and in a tent I didnt want that! and I know what you eman about the hair! Sleeping on the lilo all night isnt so good for the hair in the morning![br][br]With internet access there is in most places up to Italy and then as you get into eastern europe there isnt so much! But your always going into town and there’s loads of internet cafe’s around there so I just spent half an hour or so on it then most of the time! But if your laptop ha wifi loads of the pubs and bars and cafes have free wifi if you buy a drink so that’s good if you just wanna have a coffee, relax and play on the internet![br][br]Chloe


awesome!! thanks again for your answers has really helped alot! if i have any further questions later on i’ll be sure to look for you![br][br]Cheers[br]Sarah


Hey again Chloe :)[br][br]Just another question. In regards to the rain, do tents get flooded and stuff? What happens to prevent this?[br][br]And is there like a shelter thing for eating under if it is raining? or whats the go with that?[br][br]Thanks![br]Sarah


Hey![br][br]As long as you pitch your tent properly they dont flood! There’s a waterproof outer bit and as long as it doesnt touch the inner tent the rain just runs off and no flooding![br][br]I dont actually remember it ever raining. There’s a cook tent that everyone sets up every time you make camp and the cook does their thing in there, otherwise there were some camping chairs and we just chilled out by the cook tent on them. If it did rain then there would defo be places to be dry in all the italian campsites as they had massive permanent cook tents tht everyone could go into, same in switzerland. [br][br]Hope this helps![br][br]Chloe


Thanks you’ve been a great help!!


No worries, it brings back good memories talking about it! If you’ve got any more questions don’t worry about asking![br][br]Chloe


Chloe! me again :slight_smile: lol[br][br]i know it’s probably been done to death on these forums, but in terms of baggage…i will be taking a luggage with wheels and a pull up handle, it’s not a hard shell though, do you think that’s fine?[br][br]does anyone else on the camping tour take wheelie luggage? i will need to take this luggage as I am stayin in europe for at least 6 months after my inital topdeck tour.[br][br]i don’t want to be that chump struggling to wheel my luggage over the cobble stones while everyone else is carrying their rather large backpacks with ease and smiles upon their smug faces…[br][br]okay i got a little off topic at the end there - sorry about that.


Hey![br][br]Yeah people had wheelie suitcases. It’s much easier with a backpack though! They struggled through the campsites that were just grass and rocks and stuff. I read somewhere else that someone was talking about a suitcase that was a backpack and a wheelie thing? I think that would be the best thing cos you may struggle with a wheelie. Or you could put some of your stuff in storage in England and just bring a backpack on tour with you? I’d go with some form of backpack or you may be struggling over those cobblestones![br][br]Chloe


Not sure where in Australia you live, or if you have left for your tour yet but if your in Sydney “Ray’s Outdoors” in Camperdown near Sydney University has a backpack i saw today which has wheels also in case you need them. The bag was a 75L one, weighed 4.5kg and was $399.


Hi guys!
Just been having a nose through this thread ;D I’m going on the mega european in july and I was having similar worries about feeling rushed… thanks chloe for the info :slight_smile: Also i was thinking about taking a wheelie suitcase for easy access to my clothes without having to empty out the whole rucksack to find stuff at the bottom, but your comments have given me something to think about in terms of carrying it etc
I think I’m guna have to bring my GHDs too! :wink: was thinking about leaving them behind, but then i thought… nahh, may aswell, so that i can have the odd day when i don’t look i’ve been dragged through a bush!
Cheers for your comments :slight_smile: