Power Plugs


Hey does anyone knw if the whole of Europe have the same power plugs or some Countries different ???


as far as i know they do, i have never come across any other sort of plug besides the the 2 pronged one.


thankz alot :slight_smile:


A tip I picked up travelling in past years is to also take a cheap power board with you. A lot of older hostels don’t have enough power points. If you take a power board you need only one adapter and can charge everything you need at once.


It may sound silly but do the power boards have to be universal voltage?? This is a good idea :slight_smile: but by the way everything’s going my bag is going to be full of cords n electronical stuff there will be no room for anything else lol


I you are starting in London or anywhere in the UK you will need a three pronged power adapter (slight more rectangular than Aus). Then the rest of Europe has the two round prongs.


i want to know where I can purchase a universal power adaptor. I know they are around. It’s one device that is universal for all plug styles. I’ve seen them BUT they either exclude South Africa/Africa or exclude States. I need one that covers UK, Europe, SA/Africa & States!


I have been around and asked heaps of people because I’m tryinng to find one for eroupe and uk they say they don’t make them but I don’t know if anyone finds out I would love to know


Hey guys,

Kathmandu is usually good with these types of things :slight_smile:

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