Postcards and postage


Hi all,
One friend of ours begged us to send her a postcard per place we go in Europe.
I’m trying to find a rate comparison for purchasing while there compared with the apps where you send your own photo as a postcard. The apps are on average €3 a card (I’m away for 100 days, like to reduce that if possible)

Can anyone remember on average how much was it to buy and purchase your postcards around Europe?


I think the Australia Post app does them for like $2


Thanks Chloe. Can I ask if you have Samsung? I went straight into Google store but couldn’t find an australia post app with postcards.


Hey I actually have an iPhone and i just had a look online, i think the app is only for iPhones

Theres another app called Postagram but i can’t remember which devices are supported or the cost of that one sorry!


I have Samsung cell phone. what’s the problem?


Thanks again. I’ll see if hubby can get the auspost one.