Post-tour accommodation: Tallinn



I’m just wondering where might be the best post-tour accommodation in Tallinn since I’m doing the Scenic Scandi tour that finishes there. I know that this tour stays one night in Tallinn, so for the sake of convenience I’d like to stay the rest of my time in Tallinn in the same place, or somewhere nearby. Perhaps this information is supposed to be on my travel documents? I haven’t received them yet, which is probably fair enough as it’s still more than six weeks away…however, I’m doing another TD tour in about three weeks time and I haven’t received any documents for that one yet either…they should hopefully come soon! (Is anyone else in a similar boat?)

Looking forward to meeting my tour mates on April 16 in London for the Spirit of Europe, and then in Oslo on May 19 for the Scenic Scandi! :slight_smile: If anyone reading this is on the same tour, I’d love you to get in touch! :slight_smile:




Hey Jess,

Apologies for the delay in receiving your travel documents, the team is working very hard at getting these out as soon as possible! If you can let me know which trip you are leaving on in 3 weeks time I will follow up for you.

In regards to your post trip accommodation in Tallinn, the reservations team can help with this if need be? Let me know if you’d like them to contact you.



Thanks Andrew, and no worries - I know staff would be very busy! That would be great if they could get in touch, please :slight_smile:

I’ve listed the tours in my original post :slight_smile: