Portable Modems/MiFi Devices


Hi all,

Okay so I hope this doesn’t sound really dumb - I know wifi is available in most places you go or stay on the tour and personal internet can be fairly expensive, but I wanted to know if anyone has (or is looking into) used a portable modem or mifi device in Europe and/or on a topdeck trip?

I don’t really want to spend every waking hour online, nor will I be, but I was really wanting it for times such as being on the bus - as I know they can be quite long trips and I think having internet access might help the bordem (i’ve heard contiki has free wifi on their coaches too, but its not enough for me to change sides :wink: )

I am planning on taking an iPad (not 3g) and one of options I have looked at is buying a portable modem via ebay and then getting a pay-as-you-go plan whilst im in Europe. I will be there for about 2 months after my trip (49 Mega European) so it would be good if I could have it then too.

Would love to hear your thoughts!




Keep in mind that european countries each has different mobile operators. You will either have to buy a different SIM card in every country, or pay for roaming, which can be very expensive.


thanks for letting me know! do you know any mobile operators who offer roaming around Europe?


Any operator has roaming service, but the prices are ridiculous (around $1 for 1 Mb of data).
If you’re not going to stay for a long time in each country and you don’t need to use lot of traffic, you can check out the travelsim ( http://www.travelsim.net.au/europedata ).

I usually buy a local SIM card and use free wifi spots whenever possible.


Thanks for your help!