Just wondering if the European Pioneer stops at Pompeii on the way to rome, or if a day trip could be done out of rome to pompeii? its def one place i really would love to go to, and i can’t imagine why the tour wouldn’t stop there… but its not as a listed stop on the map.
if anyone could help this would be awesome :slight_smile:


If it’s not a dot on your map then you’re not going. We did Pompeii after Rome because it’s on the way to sorrento.

You could easily pay for a day trip to Pompeii during your free day in Rome if you wanted to.


I might look into that. I thought that that may be the case (with no dot = no go). time to google tour companies i guess :slight_smile: Thanks for your help


If you can’t find anything easy online or are unsure if you’re positive on booking something, you will find HEAPS of people selling day trips in Rome. If you can’t find any of those people just ask for a tourist office and they will hook you up.

Definitely worth visiting!