Pocket wifi or Sim Card


Hey guys,
Just wondering if is it better and cheaper if i get a rental pocket wifi for europe or a sim card (Three network)?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Not sure where you leave out of, but I ordered a Tesco Mobile SIM (out of London). They have a promo for the summer where 31 countries in Europe are treated as local for data, talk and text. They have several different plans to choose from. Might be worth taking a look if you are also leaving from London!

Base Packages:

Data Bundle Packages:

Info on the Summer Promo (offer ends Sept 3, 2016)

Hope it helps :grinning:


Hi Corinne, Thanks for the info. I’ll be doing the tour during the winter season. But i’ll check tesco, they might have some deals for winter too.
Thanks :slight_smile: