Please suggest me a good fishing spot in Kingston?


My cousin, whom I’ve always been quite friendly with, is planning to come to my house next week. She is coming along with her little brother too. I am so happy and excited to meet them. As she had decided to spend the week with me, I need to make sure that she would have a good time with me. As she is visiting from out of town, I need to make some plans to have fun. Some great entertainment options should be planned before they arrive.

I asked my friend to suggest some activities/places that they can enjoy nearby our area. She said for a variety, you can go fishing. I agreed with her decision since I had never gone for fishing and the two hadn’t gone yet. So, it would be our first experience. So, I am in search of a fishing spot in Kingston that so would be nearby our area too.
I would be grateful if anyone would suggest a good spot for fishing. So, please help me out.


Prime fishing season is upon us at last, but before you take… … Four best places to go paddling close to Kingston.