Plane restrictions


hi everyone, im travelling over to London in May and doing my first ever tour in June (Grand European leaving 2nd June) and theres a couple of things about the flight over there that im not sure about…[br][br]1. When they say you can have one carry on bag does that mean strictly one or can i have a handbag and a carry on?[br][br]2. i know about the restrictions for carry on liquids, but what about for checked in baggage? im going for 2 months so my shampoo, conditioner etc are all full sized bottles[br][br]3. I was going to make up a medical kit for the tour like everyone has suggested, but should i wait til i get to london to buy all my drugs and things or can i take them in my suitcase?[br][br]Thanks in advance for your help!![br][br]Meg :)[br]


Check the website for the airline you’re travelling with, or even airport you’re flying out of to get the low-down on what exactly you can take as carry-on luggage. Full-sized bottles are fine for your cheked-in luggage, it’s only what you actually take on board with you on the plane.[br][br]As for the medical kit, you should be fine making one up to throw in your suitcase before you go, I doubt that there’d be any medications that might be dubious in the UK, and bear in mind you’ll most likely be paying more for anything over there than you would in Australia.[br][br]Hope this helps![br][br][br]Brett[br][br][br][br][br][br]Ya can’t buy cultcha, but 12 Turkish Lira can get you fun times!


thanks brett![br][br]thats what i was thinking about the medication, everything is going to be more expensive over there (esp with how our poor aussie $ is going atm :frowning: sad) so the more prepared i am the better!![br][br]good to know i can take my full size toiletries, im kinda fussy about my skincare and hair stuff and i dont think i’d find the same brands over there


hello there, i had my hand bag and a carry on bag when we came back from the UK. Perscription drugs are a bit funny, the pill and stuff is ok but anything like valium etc you have to ring the consulot of the country you are going to! Medical kit is ok in your suitcase! and shampoo and conditioner is fine in your suit case! [br]any thing else just ask


Hey Meg, I’m on the Grand European tour departing 2nd of June too…[br][br]Its good to finally meet someone who is going on the same tour as me!![br][br]When are you arriving in London?[br][br]Grand European 2nd June 2009[br]After the tour, CRO/SPAIN Woo Hoo!!!


Thanks Meg, they’re all questions i had as well and now they’re pretty much answered ;D[br][br]Though i would suggest not taking a full shampoo and conditioner in your luggage- think of the weight! That’s something you can easily buy in London.[br][br]As for medications, i’m going off what my mum did when she went over last year. She got a letter from her doctor which listed her meds and what they were for and provided a copy to the airline a week or so before she flew out. They had a rep check it all and pre-clear her. Much less hassle![br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


Thanks everyone![br][br]yay someone on my tour finally! i arrive in London on the 17th May, staying with a friend who’s been living there for the last 18months[br][br]for the medical kit everything im taking is over the counter stuff like cold and flu, panadol, vitamins etc etc. cos ive heard if one person gets sick, everyone gets sick on bus tours lol. i could get it in london but its going to be expensive and i feel better using brands i know and trust[br][br]hmm i didnt think of the weight issue with shampoos and conditioners. im going to struggle to keep the weight down as is!


shampoo and conditioner is pretty resonable over in the UK, we waited till we got over there and payed the same amount as we would in Aus, even with a bad exchange rate!