Pioneer August 11th 2011


Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else is doing this tour. It’s going to be so awesome we can’t wait :slight_smile:

Would love to meet other people doing the same tour.


hey there!

im doing this tour on my own! :wink: cant wait to start this amazing trip :slight_smile:


Nice to meet you :slight_smile: There is a group of 5 of us doing this tour. We’re from NZ. Have yo been to Europe before, it’s our first time. Heard great things about this tour.


like wise :). i’m from indonesia, but ive been living in australia for 3 years. ive been to some part of europe like london, paris, milan, madrid and parts of italy. it was great, but i didnt spend enough time there, that’s why i decided to this tour and also as my graduation trip :).


Hi Sam and Dino,

lovely to meet you both my name’s Marie and I will also be attending The Topdeck European Pioneer tour starting on the 11th of August :slight_smile:
I’m so excited about this trip never done anything like this before.
A friend of mine Megan has just told me she’s coming along and her friend Jess too
Any ideas what to pack and around about how mush spending money to save?


Hi Marie,

Awesome to meet you too, it’s great to talk to other people doing the same trip. I’m sure we will all enjoy it so much. It’s great that your friends are doing it too. Were you spending time in London before hand?

we are trying to pack light but it is proving to be easier said than done, these forums are great for advice. We are budgeting 70euros a day, which works out to a fair bit but would rather have more instead of not enough.

Dino that’s such a good present to your self for graduating. We also have an Indonesian in our group, I’m sure you will get on very well.


haha yeah, i’m trying to avoid the reality.
that’s cool! can’t wait to meet all of you! also are you guys spending time ‘somewhere’ before and after the trip?

packing is annoying, i packed way too much on my recent trip. but i think ive learnt some tips after that.
-1, if necessary 2 pairs of jeans
-2 or 3 pairs of shorts
-4-6 t-shirts,
-1-2 singlets, (taking less space in ur backpack as compared to t-shirts)
-1-2 board shorts/swim wear,
-1 shirt or dress for ladies
-pair of runners n socks (for comfortable walk),
-pair of thong (flip-flop, slipper, or whatever u called them),
-pair of ‘going-out’ shoes (not necessary, up to u guys)
-i always bring a torch with me, it comes in handy
-earplugs n eyemask
-sleeping bag? i dont think we need them for our tour, but i will bring them, cos im continuing my trip after this tour.
-toiletries (travel size) that includes nail clipper, earbuds and TOWEL (microfiber towel, they are great, u can fold them into a little size, and they dry fast!. if you dont have them, u can get them in aussie disposal, or any travel stores)
-some medicines and bandaid
-book(s) if you like to read or write
-camera (the most important thing) haha
-travel documents + pen
-hat + sunnies
-SENSE OF HUMOUR AND FUN (cheesy hey?)

(hope that is everything we need)

*i think we are only allowed to bring one backpack per person for the tour (which i think is more than enough)
*if you are planning to do some shopping there, then dont bother bringing that much cos u will ended up throwing some.
*also bring small bag of detergent/washing powder, cos im pretty sure most of the hostels have laundry facility. (alternatively, u can buy them from the hostel, but i think they are not cheap)

hope it helps :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

im considering doing this tour leaving aug 11 as well. I’ve never travelled before and I’d be coming solo (from Canada) Are there any other solos planning on going? I’m 23 so hopefully i can meet lots of new people around my age!


Hey Carlas,

im going to travel alone as well!
should be fun!!! :smiley:



Hi Carla, I’m sure you’ll be fine, We are all in our early to mid twenties so we’re around the same age as you which is cool. Can’t wait for it to start and meet you all too.


hey guys, sorry to say this
but im afraid i might not be able to join you guys in this trip, because i dont have time to apply for few visas (im holding indonesian passport, so i need visa for most of the places), so i have to withdraw myself from this trip
hope you guys have fun and im pretty sure you guys will
who knows i will see you guys in some of the cities :slight_smile:



Hey! I’m on this tour! SamK where abouts in NZ are you guys from? I’m also from NZ. Not long to go now! :slight_smile:


Heya, yeah not long at all now. We’re in Auckland. What about you?