Hi everyone,[br][br]Im travelling on the Edinburgh mini break and the Mega European in April and I am just wondering if we need to bring pillows with us? If so, is there anyone finishing a tour around that time that would want to sell me theres? Im going to have very little time to organise a pillow once I get there and wont have room to bring one with me.[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Sarajane


Hi Sarajane,[br][br]I’m not sure if you need to bring pillows (i’m bringing an inflatable one just in case). What date are you doing the Edinburgh Mini break? I’m going on the 24th of April.[br][br]Jess


Hi Sarahjane…[br][br]Pillows, something easily forgotten, but any experience of bus travel suggests a necessity.[br][br]I’m also on the April Mega Europe trip, so if you can hold out through the Edinburgh trip, I can help you out.[br][br]I’ve got a couple of cheap ones bought 12 months ago when I first came over, and as I’m living out of a backpack for five months, they were just going to be left to whoever takes my room in my sharehouse.[br][br]Let me know, otherwise no doubt see you on the trip.;)[br]Cheers[br]Jez


Hey Guys,[br][br]thanks heaps for the replies. Jez, I will most certainly take you up on the offer! I found the same thing with buses in Thailand. I think I might just be able to last through Edinburgh :slight_smile: Have you spoken to anyone else on our trip? I know of one other person going, but personally am traveling on my own so it’s good to know people/you in advance.[br][br]Not long now,[br][br]Cheers,[br]Sarajane


Sarajane,[br][br]I’m travelling solo as well, sadly I found it hard to convince my friends to take two months off work![br][br]I’ll bring the pillow to ‘The Globetrotter’, if you change your mind email me (jeremy.little@durrants.co.uk) and you’ll save me looking stupid on the tube with two pillows for no reason!:)[br][br]Cheers,[br]Jez