Pillows Required?


Hey guys,
Are pillows available each night, or does it pay to take your own with you.
Guys are doing the 49 day Mega European so not sure if they will need one for the sailing portion - any advice??


I want to know this as well!!


Pillow’s are provided, a travel pillow is always good in the bus though to get a few hours sleep (after a big night)… with these the air filled ones are better as they take up less room…


:slight_smile: Hi Trent,

Thank you for that, having two sons going off on their 49 Day Mega European Trip at the end of this month we weren’t sure whether they needed to take a travel pillow or not. We thought they might need one for when they do their 3 Day sail in Greece but weren’t sure about the rest of the trip.
My husband and I did a Cosmos Tour back in '07 and that provided everything, mind you, this is a completely different kind of tour where they seem to use all forms of Accom.

Everyone says different things and it can be confusing as what is best to take and do.

The Optional Extra Trips on the Tour are great, but we were wondering what was best as far as organising to go places on their own on the ‘Free Days’ they have. We were wondering if Topdeck help them to organise other day tours as it can be quite daunting trying to organise it yourself in a foreign land. perhaps it would be easier if others on the tour wanted to do the same ‘side day trips’ which then they could do together as a group.

Thanks for the help Trent. Which Tour are you doing?.

:slight_smile: M&D B