I am going on my first Topdeck tour the Grand European on 7 May 2007.[br][br]I was wondering if I should take a pillow with me?[br][br]Could all those people that have been on a Topdeck tour before please help me out.[br][br]From kat22


you can take a pillow with you if you want, some things people did on my trip was:[br][br]Take a blow up pillow (takes up less room and the bus has a air hose so you can use that to blow it up)[br][br]get the “cram” bag for your sleeping bag and put clothes in it and tighten it up - using what you have[br][br]and lastily some borrowed on a permant basis the pillow they got on the airplane[br][br]Just some ideas for you and its up to you to which you use tehy all have pros and cons


Hey, [br][br]I’m taking a small pillow with me - a friend said it was highly recommended. Just got it at Kathmandu - they are about $30 and they can be reduced down to pack easily![br][br]See you soon [br]Kristy :slight_smile: