Hi all,

This will probably sound like a weird post but what is everyone doing for sleeping pillows? Are they supplied at all/some places and if so what are they like (I’m a person that’s very aware of germs etc ha ha)? Am thinking that the inflatable type would have to be the go in terms of room in my bag…but am dredding this majorly as I have some neck and back issues and have a special pillow because of this :frowning: I guess if I want room in my bag I’m just going to have to harden up eh?


Hey Kristy. Most places do supply pillows for you (i would bring my own pillow case though) but there are a few that dont. Most people on my last trip either used a jumper for a pillow or they had a little travel pillow(not an inflatable one, something similar in size to a throw cushion for a lounge). I took a little pillow/cushion with me and it was a godsend! it meant i could nap on the bus and i wasnt worried about who had used it before me!!!

Any other questions, just let me know!



Thanks heaps for you help! I might keep an eye out for a mini pillow and take a pillowcase also.