Photography Tips


Hi, if anyone is interested in tips about photography here are a few:

  • Take a few memory cards. You can always bring a laptop to backup your photos on the run or put them on Facebook via a laptop. Or post the memory cards home as you go, so they’re safe.
  • Bring your camera charger and look at a second battery if your camera doesn’t use AA batteries. Maybe consider a power board and a single country adaptor. Some hostels have USB ports in the wall power ports. So you can charge your phone and camera at the same time or use a power board or double adaptor
  • If taking photos of groups of people with the sun behind them, use the flash as fill light
  • If you’re buying a new camera, try to get one with a good zoom function and wide angle lens function for diverse shots of both people, city and landscape.


Thank you for your tips, it’s pretty helpful to the people who loves to click photograph. :camera:


Found this helpful. Nice one.