Phone help please!


So I’m going to Australia soon and trying to decide what to do about my phone. I have a UK iphone 4 on Orange contract, as long as I turn off roaming and only use the internet when there’s wifi available my next phone bill shouldn’t be too high should it?! Or is it worth me getting a global sim card?? Any help or advice is appreciated :slight_smile:


Here in Brisbane there isn’t much wifi, I’m not very familiar with the Australian tours, I guess you’re going to quite remote places. Usually, if you’re not in the centre of a city or around cafes / McDonalds, wifi is quite hard to find. Hostels/ hotels may have them, but not sure if its free or not. If you don’t mind using your phone just for internet, then this would probably be fine, but if you want it for calls and sms, then you’re better off buying a cheap one from the supermarket. But I doubt you’ll have time to do much on the internet anyway. Have loads of fun!


Just buy a prepaid sim when you get to Austrialia. Check with your provider the phone isn’t network locked, and if it is get them to unlock it (this should be free unless it I a prepaid contract). For the best coverage and service here look at Telstra, data is fairly cheap in Australia.


(this is assuming your phone is not locked to your current service provider)

Don’t get a global sim card for australia. Prepaid SIM cars are a piece of cake to buy here.


as per tom, stay clear of the “global” sim cards… they are a total rip off… over here you can by pre-paid sims everywhere and the rates are cheap.
(if you want to check rates, our common providers over here are Telstra, Optus & Vodaphone - telstra will be on the more expensive side but has by far the widest coverage in Australia).