Phone Charging


Hey guys,

I am going to book a European summer camping trip in August next year for around 30+ days, can’t wait for the new catalogue to come out!! :slight_smile:

I just have a quick question/problem that I’m sure some of you guys can help me with. I am taking an iphone that I plan to use as a phone, listen to music, read books, etc and I know it will go flat REALLY quick!! Has anyone got any tips for the battery. I have looked at solar chargers (what do I do if there’s no sun!?! lol) and the little rechargeable battery packs that they say gives it about 2x more battery life, etc. I know there are sometimes power points on the bus but I don’t think there will be many so I want a back up just in case cause there may be 30+ people trying to use 2 power points (maybe I should just take a power board but I don’t think I’m allowed haha).

Anyone got any suggestions or things that they have found works well??

Cheers guys!

Samantha :slight_smile:


Also, is it easy to charge stuff at the camping places???


I just bought a second battery for my Samsung for quite cheap of ebay. Some of the 3rd party ones can last longer than the one it comes with. Could that work for you between charges at camping places?


There is the ability to charge your phone on the bus - however, keep in mind that there are 40+ other people on the bus. On my trip, we had a general rule that each phone could charge from the time you got on to whatever was the next stop. Then phones switched. There was room for 3-4 phones from memory. Also, even when you’re on the camping tours, some of them are in cabins and the cabins have powerpoints so you can charge there.


good idea taking the power board. means uv made friends with the tech savvy lol. people will love you