Phone Card (UK and Europe)


Ok so I have checked out International Roaming on my phone and it seems very expensive espically if you have to keep track of what countries charge what all the time![br][br]What kind of phone card can I get that will be simple to use in UK and in Europe? I don’t really want to have to get a new one for each country since I will be spending a max of 2 days there!


I was wondering the same thing myself. I’ve only got a prepaid sim in Australia and I won’t be using the mobile o/s too frequently and have no idea where to start looking with regard to a sim for over there!


Does anyone know whats best for mobile use in Europe???

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I’m not too sure, but if you’re doing a topdeck tour, they provide you with a free sim for use in pretty much every country around Europe and UK.


free Global Travel Sim


That is much cheaper than what I have seen previously. Was thinking I was going to try and get it with the data but it can cost upto $30 a MB. Think I might be passing on that one… If anyone else knows where I can get a cheap data rate for europe. let me know.

PS: Hope everyone has a great time in europe!


likewise - I am also interested in data packs in europe


I have been researching this topic for days, and it seems to be a massive shortfall in Europe. The best deal I have managed to find is the Vodafone pay as you go with data roaming. The international roaming phone costs are pretty competitive and the cost for 3g internet works out to be a flat rate of £4.99 for the first 25MB, which is pretty reasonable compared with the other carries that charge per mb. I have heard that there are many more wi-fi hot spots around Europe, so hopefully the 3g wouldn’t be required too often.


i am travellong o’s for the first time this year in june, and i think email would be much cheaper!!


Hey crew,

Just an update, I have been speaking to a friend that travels a lot in europe and he pretty much said get 1 data sim out of your mind it just won’t happen unless your willing to pay big bucks! eg. upto $30 a MB I’ve seen. He said you have a few choices:
1: Buy a different sim card for the major countries your going to and just get a prepaid plan with their major telco. (I’m thinking about doing this as I’m not going to be in the one spot for any longer than 2 weeks)

2: Buy a laptop and just use people wifi. There are that many cafes airports hostels etc that have wifi these days your probs better off getting a laptop and connecting to the internet that way.

Personally I want the net for times I’m going to be on buses and trains or just if im in the street lost and want to pull out google maps, so if anyone does happen to find anything cheap please post it.

Might help some people.



I am looking for an online site to purchase prepaid phone cards that can call from japan and jordan to the US at a reasonable rate. I am also wondering if there is any difference between the different phone cards and calling cards in terms of quality or are they just all the same. Any information on this would be helpful!


my friend and I did a tour around europe in March last year (2012), what we did was bought a (o2) prepaid sim card… like the o2 arena. then bought a 20 pound rechage on it, with gave us x amont of calls and messages on it, little bit on the pricey side in europe itself, but gave us 500mb of data included around europe… i bought a second rechage in london and kept it with me untill i needed a recharge. I took two smart phones with my so i had my aussie phone and a euro phone. very handy, used navigation alot in berlin… even used the navigation to drive through london… that would be my best bet. and when your done, whatever credit is left over, sell it to someone, or even give it to someone at clink when you get back there…

hope this helps


I did lots of research into a sim that will provide pre-paid data (specifically) at a half decent rate and with roaming.

Its quite easy if you are starting your trip in the UK - several pre-paid options available. If not starting in the UK (we’re not), there are very limited options. In fact, almost none from mainland europe (certainly from our starting point of Paris).

The best i could find is which we have already ordered our sim card for. Their deal generally works out as 33EUR to buy the sim + 2.50EUR per day for 100mb per day. For me, for a roughly 4 week trip using data every day it will cost us approx 100EUR to have full internet for our tablet (and data equivalent to a 3gig/month phone plan at home). More than enough data, and a small cost in the scheme of the whole trip. Really glad we’ll have all the google maps and other research info etc accessible, as well as emails, facebook etc.


If you live in, or are a regular visitor to the United Kindgom, then you can use UK SIMple Calling Plus Service.You get a United Kingdom+44 phone number and enjoy superior O2 network coverage. You can also experience great roaming rates in over 160 other countries, including all of Europe.