Pharoah's Footsteps Tour Verdict


Just returned from the pharoah’s footsteps tour, thought some of you would like to know of the experience.[br][br]Overall very impressive. our tour leader hamada was excellent, we were given more free time than i thought, although there are some early starts, necessary due to the convoys you travel in to get to places such as Abu Simbel (3am start). [br][br]The 3 day felucca ride is maybe 1 day too much, as is is rather uncomfortable and bathroom stops may occur on farmland, complete with very interested farmers.[br][br]One gripe though, and it’s Topdeck’s ‘preferred’ hotel in Cairo, the Indiana. According to the brochures, it’s a 3-star hotel, but this seems to be maily because the hotel has a pool, which in Egypt adds an extra star. So it’s basically a 2 star hotel with a pool. which was empty! Additionally, DO NOT have the beef! If you do, you may get the rather severe food poisoning that myself and my partner got, so severe that we had to get a doctor in Aswan (after 12 hours on the train), which involved painful fluid injections and 3 days of antibiotics. And at the end of the tour you have to go back there for the final night. The reps there admitted that they’d had complaints about the hotel before, mostly about the state of the rooms. [br][br]It would be better overall if Topdeck changed their cairo hotel, which, when compared to the other hotels we stayed at in Aswan, Luxor, Hurgadha and St Catherine, would not be out of place in Mongolia.


I agree with you about the Indiana hotel in Cairo. It is definitely the worst hotel I stayed in on the trip. I think that topdeck could find another hotel as it would make the stay in Cairo better. [br]Although the location is good as it is near the town centre, I stayed in a hotel at the end of the trip with my boyfriend that was about the same cost as the Indiana, nearer the town centre and the hotel was of a much higher quality. [br][br]When I went to the Indiana, I also found the pool was empty, which made the hotel floor I was staying on smell. [br][br]Hope that you enjoyed your holiday even with the food poisoning, it sounds really bad.