Pharaohs' footsteps


Hey! [br][br]Is anyone doing the Pharaohs’ footsteps on the 12th March? I?m going on the trip with my boyfriend and we have found out that on March 29th (3 days after the trip ends) there is going to be a total solar eclipse up near the border. [br][br]What is everyone doing after the tour ends? It would be brilliant if we could get a big group of us to go and see it together. Even if you will not be there on the 29th it would be good to speak to you before the trip starts[br][br]Also it would be great to talk to other people who have done the tour previously. [br][br]I hope to speak to a few of you soon.[br][br]Thanks[br]lweasel[br]


Hey,[br][br]I travelled to Egypt May last year and it was soooo awesome. The weather was beautiful. It was a little cooler in Cairo and Alexandria but so warm in Luxor/aswan. it was great to just sunbake on the nile. I can get very hot though and it’s annoying because you want to just go around in like a singlet top but you run the risk of sleazy egyptians making comments and staring the whole time. They cannot help themselves. I noticed many of the girls on the trip had this problem and there boyfriends got insainly jealous. So just a word of advice. Apart from that it was the best ever so much history and a culture so different to anything that I have ever experienced.[br][br]Just thought i’d let ya know.[br]