Pharaohs' Footsteps Dec 11 2012


Anyone booked in for this tour (HTEGP - Dec 11 to Dec 23 2012)? Would love to hear from you!


Hello Fellow Explorers!
I just booked this trip earlier this week! Super excited,this is the trip I’ve been dreaming about for years! …looking forward to the warmer weather, especially since we just had our first snowfall of the season. :’(


Hehe it’s pretty chilly in London too, just got here a few days ago and I can’t wait to warm up again in preparation for summer back home! Are you flying straight in from Canada or elsewhere? :slight_smile:


Heading from Toronto to Cairo with a short stop over in London. Going a day early to do day trip to Alexandria. Curious if anyone else is doing that. on my way!


Hey guys,

I hope you all had fun! I’m planning on doing this tour or one similar in 2013.

Can you tell me what it was like, what optional tours would be best to do, and if you have any general tips?



Totally didn’t see your post, hope I’m not too late replying!

We had a blast, we had Aladdin as our tour leader and he ROCKED. I’d suggest doing all 3 weeks in Egypt, I did only 2 weeks and wished I had more time!!! We did the optional tours in Cauro and some of the best photos I took were from the sites we visited.

The train trip from Cairo to Aswan is the only tough bit, but otherwise the rest of the tour was great and as we’d gone in winter, the temperature was more than manageable.

Any other questions, just ask!