Pharaoh's Footsteps 27th April '08 - anyone?


Hi :0)[br]Just wondering whether there is anyone out there who is going on the Pharaoh’s Footsteps Egypt tour starting 27 April?[br]Or going on any Egypt tour starting on 27 April?[br]Cool ta[br]Chelle


In addition, can anyone offer any advice as to what size luggage (suitcase) would be ideal for Egypt?![br]Ta[br]Chelle


Hi Chelle,[br]I did this tour At Christmas and I took at backpackers backpack, As you only take summer clothes you have much more room, than if you had winter stuff. In saying that still make sure you have something with long sleeves for the cool evenings that may or may not happen.[br][br]The tour is awesome! I wasn’t all that fond of Cairo, its really dirty and overpopulated and the traffic is insane, but once you leave the big city and go on to the other towns you see the real Egypt.[br][br]If you have any other questions, just ask… ONe other tip, carry toilet paper with you all the time! and be prepared to squat xx([br][br]Danielle[br]Aussie living in Uk[br]Mega European July 6.


Great![br]Thanks for the tips - muchly appreciated :)[br]Chelle