Pharaohs footsteps 14th nov


hi everyone,
just wondering if anyone is booked on this tour
cant wait


We are! :slight_smile: Seriously cannot wait! ;D
Steph & Liv


wooooo ! its going to be fun, see u guys there. are u staying before or after the tour ?


Hi Sam, Sorry for the late reply, i completely forgot all about this forum! We are arriving on day one of the tour, but have 4 days in Cairo when it finishes before flying to Nairobi :slight_smile: How about you? Getting realy close now!!! B-)


it is very close now 5 weeks i believe so excited ! although im travelling by myself so a lil nervous. i arrive on the 12th and leaving i think 3 days after the tour, i also have a day tour booked to alexandria. will see u guys soon :slight_smile:


I’m sure you’ll be fine once you get there, i think nerves are a good thing tho, keeps your eyes open :wink: I cannot wait to leave now!! Ah cool, we want to go to Alexandria too when the tour finishes, it looks amazing!! See you soon Sam, take it easy! x