Pharaoh's Escape


Hey Peeps,

Looking at booking this trip for July next Year. Those who have booked; do you think it is best to book through an agent or just book the trip online then sort out logisitcs?


Hi, I have booked through topdeck and not via a travel agent, I’m doing the mega European tour starting from June 13th, this goes to Egypt too so you might be on the same tour as me depending which date you pick…


A lady that is doing the same tour as you she leaves in July 2nd and joins up to my group in Egypt and finishes the rest of the tour with us 31st July…
is this the date your looking at?


Hey Ricky! I’m booked on this tour July 2 2017. I booked through Flight Centre as they had a deal with flights & they also knocked off $200 from my trip :slight_smile:


I’m booked for the aug tour in Egypt starting 6 August 17. What tour you on?


Hey I’m on the mega European Egypt my tour finishes before yours starts