Pharaoh's Escape 2017


Anyone considering booking this tour in 2017? Potentially looking to travel solo roughly in between June - September.


Hey Emma,
I’m booked on the Mega European Egypt tour that leaves on 13th June and finished 31st July. I think this tour your looking at joins up with the one I’m on. It sounds like an amazing tour Iv already started talking to 5 other girls on the tour and we’re all travelling solo.
Are you booked into a tour yet or still deciding? Would be great to have another person :slight_smile:


Hey I’m still deciding at the moment but have been in touch with my travel agent. Hoping to know by the end of next week.
I’ll let you know if it works out I’m on the same tour as you :slight_smile:


Hey! So I’ve got my dates back & it looks like I’m on the same tour as you. I start in Cairo 2 July & finish up 31 July.
So excited!! Deposit will be paid next week but it’s all on hold :slight_smile:


Yay! That’s awesome… we’ve started a chat on fb for those we found that are on this tour. I can add you in if you like? There’s 6 of us so far :slight_smile:


Our group


Hey Emma.did you end up booking this tour?


Emma is on the tour with mine when it joins, not the same as yours