People who are doing Spirit of Europe 13/09/11


How much money are you planning on taking? Im trying to do my budget!


Having just finished a Spirit of Europe tour, I think I’m pretty sure I only spent around 2,000 - 2,500 AUD. You can do it fairly cheap as its good that a lot of the meals are covered for. Just depends on how many nights you want to go out and make big. Optionals are fairly cheap but can add up to a lot if you choose to do them all.


Hi Hi,

LEss that 2 months now! I cant wait.

I’m budgeting for around $100AUD a day… but i think that’s probably more than enough. All depends on the alcohol consumption i guess. (and the shopping) :slight_smile:

See you there!



Hi there

Haha just put a post up asking who was doing this tour then saw other posts. I’m going on my own and staying at clink hostel from the 9th of Sept. Never been to europe before and can’t wait! Haven’t quite sorted out my budget yet



I think I catch up with your tour in Budapest (on the East meets West Tour) I to am budgeting around the $100AUD or so mark! I am travelling solo and never been to Europe so I cant wait for my long awaited holiday! :slight_smile: