Paying for Skydiving


Hey guys,

So I have finally decided that I will be doing the skydiving AND the Jungfrau excersion when getting to Switzerland…
Now I was wondering, is it possible to pay for the skydiving on Credit Card? (I have an ANZ Visa Credit card)
I just don’t know how I feel about carrying 430 swiss francs (Close to $500) cash on me for it…

Also, has anyone done the sky diving before? Is it worth all the money? I can imagine it is, it will also be my first jump and I want to make it a good one!



i’m not 100% sure on the payments but i’d say you would be able to pay on card… If not get the money out of an atm before you jump. I’m wanting to skydive in Switzerland as well… i have heard you kump form a helicopter not a plane… sounds very exciting!!!


I did the skydive and it was AMAZING…yeah you get to jump out of a helicopter which made it even better :smiley: if I remember right you can pay by credit card, but you can double check with your trip leader. We had to pay a deposit to the TL before we got there but it comes out of the total cost. Also the dvd of the jump was 130 swiss francs, which is expensive but I recommend getting it so you can show everyone your jump! it is about 15 mins long and well edited, so worth it.

so if you are thinking about it go for it!! you won’t regret it!!!