Pay extra for own room, or share?


Hey guys, 32yrs old female, Australian, close to booking a Winter Europe tour in Nov, but want to know if it’s common to pay extra to have your own room, or do most people just share with someone else? i am travelling solo, first time top decker. Thanks - looking forward to opinions!


I’ve done 2 tours and everyone that’s travelling solo just shares. It’s really not that bad.


Just arrived home from a Europe Winter trip; we had 2 or 3 pay for their own rooms. Wasn’t an issue at all.


Hey @Perthwoman
I recently did a USA top deck trip, was solo (am 35) and 1st timer with Topdeck.
I shared with another girl and was fine.
They generally pair you up with someone similar age to you and will most likely be another aussie.
You will have the best time.

You could alway see how you go and potentially upgrade if its not working for you. Just chat with your tour guide.

Just think though - you’ll be out and about all day sightseeing that you will both just crash when you get back to the accomodation. :smile:
I also found its good having a roomie as kind of another alarm…no chance you will both sleep in :slight_smile:


I have done 4 TopDeck tours and I think your own room isn’t necessary; everyone just shares and enjoys each others’ company. Sharing rooms is an opportunity to get to know your tour group friends and form new friendships. I have shared rooms on the hotel category tours and the hostel category tours, and I have no regrets. If you get teamed up with someone and things go pear shaped for whatever reason, you can asked to be moved.
PS: I am thinking of doing a winter tour this year. Which tour have you been considering.



Hey! wow 4 tours, that’s amazing!
I was looking at the Winter Wonder tour (London to London) starting NOV 3. Which ones have you been looking at/interested in?
Thanks for the advice! I will def be opting to share rooms :slight_smile:


Thanks all for the responses!