Past and Future Travellers


Hi all,

I was just wondering if any of you’s have done any of the North American tours before, and if so which one or if you could recommend any. Also, is anyone looking at travelling in 2013? I’m looking at possibly doing a tour next year and was just wondering who else may be looking at doing one!

Thanks again guys :slight_smile:


As far as I know the North America tours are new in 2013 so I think you might have a bit of trouble finding someone who’s done one previously haha. My friend and I have booked the 29 June - 10 July 2013, Southwest States.

What tour were you thinking of doing?


My friend and I are looking at doing the California Calling in August 2013 but in reverse, starting in San Francisco.


Hey! I’m also wanting to get some feedback for USA trips before booking for 2013… didn’t realise they were new!!! I’m looking at doing the coast to coast (NY-LA) starting june 7th :slight_smile:


My friend and I are also looking at doing the Coast to Coast LA - NY 29 June.
Saw another post asking for a listing of the optional activities. Would be interested in this and any other feedback :slight_smile:


I booked California calling in June 2013! So excited! …on 30th June…After this I will fly to Chicago to visit my friends! YEAh! I might also include Hawaii Stop over but it is a bit expensive for stop over :frowning:


My boyfriend and I are doing the East Coast Adventure starting on July 1st 2013. Anyone else? :slight_smile:


It’s very hard to get someone to join North American Trip as It’s Topdeck’s first time to operate it. I am sure more and more people will join. And it’s unlikely to cancel their trips during high season (Late June - Mid August). I will celebrate my independence Day in the states! YOOHOO!!!

But we have to wait if Topdeck may update the trip status…


I can’t wait to celebrate Independence Day in the States!! It will be amazing!


YEAH! What trip are you going for? I am going for California Calling on 30th June! It’s very worth to celebrate Independence day in the US! I will be in Las Vegas the day before Independence Day! (3rd July) :smiley: That Means I will have a great time in Vegas! :smiley:



We’re going on the East Coast Adventure on 1st July! We’ll be in Washington on the 3rd of July - THAT will be amazing!


Wow! Amazing! East Coast is also great to travel and explore! And It is very Worth to celebrate Independence day in the DC as it’s the national capital! (More atmospheric I think :P) NYC and Niagara fall. See? High Season should be almost full! :slight_smile:


I’m doing la to ny 29th of June cannot wait!