Was just wondering if anyone can tell me how this works. I’ve got two passports (an australian and a british) I’m taking both with me on my trip because I’m hoping to get a job and work for a bit after. Have I got this right in saying that when I depart Australia, I of course use my australian passport, then enter the UK on my british? I’m just worried that someone will ask questions. I’m more worried about the going home part - because for my flights I use my australian passport, so I would have to depart on that one…but there will be nothing there to say how i got into the country in the first place.

I have a feeling I’m worrying over nothing - but I’ve never actually used them both before.

Any advice would be great.


When I first travelled I just showed both to the immigration people and they took the relevant one!

But nowadays from Australia I check into my flight with my British one (since I don’t haeva visa in my Aussie one for the UK they won’t check you in on this passport as apparently airlines are fined if you get deported and they let you check in), leave Australia on my Aussie one, and arrive in the UK on my British one. Travelling through Europe I now leave my Aussie one at home, as I don’t use it at all!


Leave Australia on your Australian & Enter the UK on your British (if u enter uk on yr Australian they will stap it 6mths & no work (along those lines). Travel Europe on your British so therefore no questions are asked. Then when leave UK on yr British & enter back to Australia on ur Australia … U get no stamps on yr passport but saves you a lot of time q -ing

Don’t worry to much a lot of people have both passports so customs are use to this.