Passport Security!


Hi Guys just wondering what people have done or are doing with their passport on trips.

Do you carry them around with you or does Topdeck have a way of keeping them safe ?


You definitely take them everywhere with you. This is where the travel money bags come in handy - either around your neck or around your waist. Personally, I think the ones that go around your neck and under a shirt are the best option.



Thanks so much !


Topdeck Tip: Scan and email a copy of your passport info page & any visas to yourself - great for an emergency!

Topdeck Team


I definitely kept my passport on me at all times!


im in saudi arabia so i need to know the laws in here. if my passport is expired and i have to go back to my home country due to an emergency,is it a valid reason to get an emergency passport? and if i do not have my Birth Certificate with me here,is it still possible? please help!! i will greatly appreciate it…


I always keep my passport on me, I keep a copy in my luggage and email a copy to myself as well as keep a copy with someone at home. Better to be safe than sorry I reckon