Passport security


Hi,[br]I am traveling on Jan 3rd on the Winter Wonder on my own. Where is the best place to store my passport? Should I buy a money belt or does the bus have a safe?[br][br]Andrea


hey!me and my girlfriend are going over on 19th of August and im taking a money belt that goes under my shirt.most hotels have safes and alot of hostels have lockers but i think it depends on the area you are going


Hey guys,[br][br]Keep your passport on you at all times! I had a pacsafe bag that went with me everywhere. You can leave it in lockers if you want but you feel much better when its literally your second skin. It doesnt weigh much so definately take a money belt or little bag for it :slight_smile: Plus you need it for border checks between countries so dont leave it in your big bag under the bus as its a hassle to get out.[br][br]Have fun![br][br][br]Adela[br][br]Adela and Leszek (Sis and Bro)[br]Summer Fun and Sailing June 26th 2009


I had my passport in my bag the whole time (the one i carried with me). i felt comfort in knowing where it was the whole time. even though the hotels were fine, i’d rather have it with me. Just make sure you’re hand carry back doesn’t go wondering around without you. have it hugging u.


What countries did you travel to?[br]As part of my tour I travel through Rome - should I be concerned there?[br][br]Andrea


Heya,[br][br]I went through Rome and didnt feel un-safe or more targeted than anywhere else. Aslong as you keep an eye on your things (day bag, waist belt etc) you will be fine :slight_smile: Try not to worry too much![br][br]Adela[br][br]Adela and Leszek (Sis and Bro)[br]Summer Fun and Sailing June 26th 2009


Thanks for the tips guys. While I have traveled before, this is the first time on my own. I am also a newly-wed so being away from my husband is all a little daunting.[br][br]Andrea


Hey there[br]i agree with keeping ur passport near you at ALL times, you wouldnt want to loose it.[br]I went to Itay when i was younger as part of a school group and when we were at st Peters Basilica we were actually being followed by a pick pocketer and i had no idea! Watch out for the beggers also dont give in they are just out to get money and will do anything like throwing fake babies to get it! They also use small children and animals to get ppl to feel sorry for them which u do! [br]Dont stress you just have to be careful and aware![br][br]Happy Travels :P[br][br]Tapis Trail 20 August


How good is the security on the boat for Sail Croatia? I’m a bit concerned about my passport on the boat even in my cabin. Is the cabin’s secured or do I have to take my passport with me during the day?