Hey all[br][br]Just wondering on tour when you go to Paris… in the 2 nights you are there… would I get time to see the Lourve and climb Effiel Tower on my free day… and also do a little bit of shopping???[br][br]Another random question- Is it ok to bring alcohol from duty free on tour??[br][br]Sally


I haven’t actually been on a topdeck tour (I’m scheduled to go on one end of sept) But I’m fairly sure the brochure mentions that there is time to “do your own thing”, but speaking from personal experience (I was there last week), a day isn’t enough for the Louvre, plus just down the road is the musee d’orsee(sp?) if you enjoy impressionist paintings… I spent 5 days in paris, and it was probably about 10days too short to look at everything I wanted to :([br][br][br]Jason


OK thanks… maybe ill leave the Lourve for the next time im in Paris… will be living in UK after tour so wanna go back later on anyways:)[br]sally


Hey there[br][br]Ok… sounds like you did alot… How much time did u spend in the Lourve?? I would like to spend a couple hours in there just so i see most of it. Also do u know if you can take photos or use video camera on there?? Also… how long did it take to do th eiffel tower climb??[br][br]sally


Sally,[br][br]You wont get 2 c much of the Lourve in a couple of hours… It takes 2 months 2 c all of it. So you should only try and see the most popular artworks there… including the Mona Lisa


OK guys… thanks heaps for the help. I basically wana see the main pieces and then anything else. I cant wait. Should be great:)


Hi sally! [br]silly question, but which tour are you doing and when? I also am heading over and interested in the art and history so your question has helped answer some of mine.:)[br][br]Truth in our hearts,[br]Strength in our hands,[br]Consistency in our tongues.


Hey Mahkra, im doing the European Getaway on april 19th. What about you??[br][br]Another question bout the Lourve… where bouts are all the Leonardio Da Vinci paintings?? Are they in one section??[br][br]sally


Sally, [br]I will be doing the Europe Unplugged on june 17. Hope you enjoy your trip! and with any luck I may get some art lovers too! hehe ;D[br][br]Mahkra[br][br]Truth in our hearts,[br]Strength in our hands,[br]Consistency in our tongues.


Hi Sally, [br] I’ve temporarily misplaced my map of the Louvre, but from memory all of the da vinci paintings are in the Denon wing, so yes I think they are all in the same area, quite close to each other, amongst the other italian artists work from that era…


Of the few Da Vinci paintings that are at the Lourve, all but 1 painting are in the Denon Wing… The Mona Lisa is actually in a small room on her own, but the room is part of the Denon wing. [br][br]Jason11a… which tour in September r u going on?? I am going on the European Getaway on 6th Sept


hey every1!![br][br]just quickly - how much does it cost to go into the lourve and going up the Eiffel tower?? i dont hav much money and was just wondering…so many people hav told me diff. costs!!![br][br]indy


Hi Indy I just read your post about prices to get into the Louvre and Eiffel Tower. The Louvre costs 14 dollars plus $8.20 for an audio tape and the Eiffel Tower costs $18.90 to the top floor and 1st floor $7.90 and second floor $12.80 . This is all in the Sunday Telegraph in Sydney which had a liftout on Paris which is very informative. I think these prices have been converted to Aussie Dollars because there is no mention how many euros it will be. So if you are not from Sydney get someone to post you a copy. Its on page 14 of the escape section.I am on the Grand European 28 day trip which leaves London on 22 May 2007. Enjoy your trip and like you I am looking forward to visiting Paris from Terry.


Heya![br][br]Also a quick tip, on Sundays its free to get into La Louvre - I unfortunately didn’t think I had time when I went last year and nearly kicked myself when my friends told me they went. The tour leader will also tell you which door is easier to get into instead of queuing for ages … and also in Rome you’ll get some great tips there too! :wink:


Hi Pondi,[br] At the moment I’m booked on Discover Europe dep on the 3rd…[br][br]Jason


Jason[br][br]Ah ok… I am gonna be on the European Getaway on 6th sept


thaks Terry!![br][br]that helps alot!!


When I went to the Louvre(sp?)my friend and myself were lost from our group, and had only 2 hours to see the works and find the group. We ended up doin a self guided sprint through alot of it, taking snaps as we went.[br][br]unfortunatly we didnt have long time to oogle over the works, but saw alot :)[br][br]NOTE- dont let security see u runin round like a loonie.