Hey There,[br][br]I am catching the Chunnel train to Paris, for one day only :)[br]Just wanted to see if anyone could recommend good places to go shopping. im going there on a Sunday and im not sure if much will be open??[br]Any tips :p[br][br]Ta[br]Shelley


Ummm, if you’re only in Paris for one day I’d recommend you skip the shopping and concentrate on seeing the sights - Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvre etc. If you get those done, then visit the Champs Elysees for upmarket shopping and the bonus of seeing the Arch de Triomphe too. Not sure about opening hours sorry.[br][br]Red Star Special[br]26 July 2009


hmmm … when i was in europe in 2007 most shops were shut on sundays; it was definitely the case when i was in berlin, amsterdam & vienna … not quite sure about paris(i have never been there) …


I was there this past Sunday the 12th, and almost all places were closed Sunday… but that was Easter, so I don’t know if that would always be the case, probably not.


Not sure if they’re open sunday but if you like to shop check out Les Halles. They have a stop right of the metro so it’s easy to find and you can always check their site online to find out their hours.[br][br]Happy shopping!