Paris meet up address


Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew the address for the Paris meet up with Top Deck tours? I was told it would be on our itinerary but can’t find it anywhere. It would also be good to know what time to meet up!

We will be on the Western Crossing Camping tour, beginning 1st of July.

Cheers :slight_smile:



Hi Amy,

The address will be on the detailed itinerary you get sent 6 weeks prior to your trip departing.

If you booked direct this will be emailed straight to you. If you used an agent it will be sent through to them.

Topdeck Team


Hi Topdeck :slight_smile:

This is sort of related. I’m all booked for 5th July European Pioneer, but still haven’t received my travel documents. My agent hasn’t received it either. Is this normal?



Hi Cornelia,

If you email your full name & trip details to I’ll see what’s happening with them.

Topdeck Team


I recieved the address of the paris hotel in my itinerary but it doesnt state roughly what time I should meet the group?