Paris Fat Bike Tour Optional Activity


I was wondering what attractions are visited on the Fat Bike Tour in Paris?

And does anyone know how long it takes roughly?

Any info would be great,



hehe I meant Fat Tire Bike Tour!!!




Hi There, What was the Paris Fat Bike Tour like? I am thinking of doing this when I go on my tour in August. Kind regards, TansOnTour.


The Fat Bike Tour is great. Can’t reocmmend it enough - it’s one of the highlights of the trip if you can do it. Terrain is pretty much all flat although there are some insane moments riding through Parisian traffic!!


agreed!! its definetly a must! that was my highlight in the european discrovery tour


i did the Fat Bike Tour too and i am going to do it again when i head to Paris in August this year - great way to see the city!!! goes for a couple of hours but you also stop for lunch.


Hey guys,

You can check out the official Fat Tire Bike Tours website at for an idea of what you will see.

It definitely is a great way to see Paris!

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I just finished my tour and I done that in Paris and it was great fun


With the bike tour, do you get chance to have proper stop at the sites or is it more ‘riding past’?


Hi Emma,

Take a look at the link above - it’ll give you an idea of what the bike tours like.

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