Paris arrival time


I am wondering what time we arrive in Paris from London (via the ferry)? I have a friend in Paris, who leaves the day after we arrive, and I would love to meet up with her the night I get into Paris, but it all depends on time.

Anyone know?


Last time I did it I think it was around 8hours from London to Paris, that was with Contiki but similar (Bus - Ferry - Bus), from London to Paris. We left about 7am and I think got to the campsite about 4pm… that was about 20 mins out of Paris. It all depends what time you arrive for the ferry, we were early for ours and waited probably 50 mins to get on… if you were late and missed the planned ferry you may have to wait for the next (although they are frequent i’m not sure the how often) also stopped for lunch in the afternoon…google maps says 5.5 hours using car and train, not allowing stops.


Hi Heather,

The tour usually has a bus orientation on the first night in Paris. You could probably arrange to meet your friend at the Eiffel Tower at around 8-9pm (when it will still be light!?!) and then make your own way back to the hostel. If it’s the same hostel I stayed in last time in Paris, it’s about a 30min metro ride from the heart of the city, and the metro stop was about 400m from the hostel. I think the last metro’s leave around midnight, so you should be OK.

The main thing is to let the trip leader know what you are planning so that their head count is not out.



Not sure if this is too late, however you could consider getting yourself to Paris early… then just joining the tour there later (after shenanigans with your friend).

I’ve spent the 5 days before my tour in Paris instead of London!