Paris, 16th Sept, European Venturer


Hi there!

Is anyone joining in Paris for the European Venturer tour on the 16th of September?

I’m considering extending my stay in Rome after the tour ends and would love to have some company to traipse around Rome!

I’m traveling solo - zomg - so excited.


Hey. I’ve just signed up to do the European Venturer same date but i’m leaving from London. Do you know of anyone else that is on this trip? I’m also traveling solo… can’t wait :slight_smile:



Hi Tiffany,

No one else so far but I just saw that Jas might be on the longer version of this trip. You could prolly meet her in London.

Are you planning on staying longer in Rome at the end of the tour?


@tpalladino- I am starting my trip from London and will be arriving on 13th september, would be great to catchup, I am doing the Summer fun + Sailing.

@Rain - I am looking forward to meeting you in paris :).



Hey, yeah staying one extra night in Rome. What about yourself?

Hey Jas you staying at the clink hostel whilst in London i don’t get there till 15th Sept. So looking forward to this :slight_smile:


Yes, I will be staying at clink, hope to see you on the 15th.


Looking forward to seeing you as well. Hope you find someone to go around London with and safe travels to London :slight_smile:


I’m staying two extra nights in Rome at Camping Roma.

Looking forward to meeting you @tiffany02uk[/url] and you too @[url=]Jas
in Paris :slight_smile:

6 more sleeps to go! :smiley: :smiley: