Parades to Piazzas 5th Feb 2012



Anyone else doing the Parades to Piazzas tour leaving London on the 5th of Feb?

I am a 22 year old female travelling to Europe for the first time and I am so excited! Would love to hear from anyone else doing this tour



Hi Alex21

I haven’t booked yet but i plan on going on the Parades to Piazzas tour (5th Feb) and the Venice Carnival (17 Feb). It’ll also be my first time traveling to Europe. I know it’ll be an incredible adventure and so much fun!


Hi Lauren

Glad I am not the only newbie travelling on this tour! I am getting really excited, I leave Australia on the 31st of January so not long at all now :slight_smile:

Are you staying in London a few days before the tour?


Hey alex

I know! I hope i’ll meet a few people doing the Venice Carnival cause so far looks like its just me, fingers crossed!

I’ll probably leave South Africa on the 2nd so i’ll have 2 days to chill in London before the tour starts. After the tour my plan is to stay another day or two in Rome then travel around Florence for 3 days then head to Venice for the Carnival. Then back to Rome again to meet a friend and then jump on a flight to Belgium. That’s my rough plan, it should all be a months worth of travel in the end ;D

Just over 2 months! whoo hoo!

Are you going to stay in Rome after the tour?


I was actually planning on the Venice Carnival tour but I am flying out of Rome on the 19th so I would be missing the last two days, it looks amazing though you will have the best time!

I am planning on staying in Rome a few days after the tour and then I am heading down to Sorrento to visit Naples and Pompeii! I have been looking at the accomodation we stay in on the last night in Rome but it looks a fair way out of the city so I have been leaning more towards staying somewhere closer for the extra days…I am thinking maybe a hostel nice and close to everything :slight_smile:

Have you got your accomodation sorted?

It is going to come around so quickly, once Christmas is over it will only be a few weeks till I leave!!


Ah no! i hadn’t planned on going on the Venice Carnival tour but i have wanted to visit Italy so much that i’m shifting my dates around so that i can see as much as i can. I’ll see the rest of Europe on another trip ;D

I was also told that the hotels are generally 10-20min outside of the city centers. The lady at Student Flights, who i’m organising everything through, says she knows of a few places/hotels in Rome that are much closer that aren’t too expensive and really nice. Hopefully her recommendations will be great so that i wont need to slave over the internet finding places myself :wink: I think i’ll be staying extra 2 days (12th & 13th) in Rome. Do you know the Hotel name we’ll be staying in, in Rome?

Do you know where your going to stay in London? I think i’ll also ask her to find me a nice place close to where we start off our tour.


My travel agent told me the Rome Hotel is called the Hotel Beethoven, apparently its only a 10 minute bus trip to the city centre but I am keen to stay closer to the city :slight_smile:

I am also staying in Rome an extra 2 days! Leaving for Sorrento on the 14th…train tripping it down the coast!

Check out the Astor Quest Hostel in London, its only a 10-15 minute walk to Umi Hotel (where the tour leaves from) and alot cheaper! I was going to stay in the Generator or Clink because of the great reviews they get but didn’t want the hassle of a 30 minute tube trip to Umi on the morning we leave…since we have to be there at 6am :stuck_out_tongue:

I am planning on booking a bed in the female dorm which is around $25 Australian dollars a night (so approx $100 for the 4 nights I will be in London)


Okay great, 10 minutes isn’t to bad when traveling in a group. Those 2 days extra i’ll definitely move closer to or try to get a place within the city centre. I don’t mind paying more if it means i’m closer to all the attractions and if i go out in the evening i don’t want to have to travel far at night.
That’s fantastic! i’ll then know at least one person in Rome ;D
If your keen to explore the city together that would be awesome…we can get lost together :stuck_out_tongue:
If you like in Rome, if we share a twin room it might work out cheaper.

I’m also taking the train but up to florence! Different directions. :slight_smile:

I think i might just fork out a little more and stay at the Umi Hotel cause 6am is painful to think about and it just makes life a little easier. I’m lucky in that i’m saving a bit in accommodation in Belgium as i’ll be staying with a friend so that’s at least one less worry.

I’m trying to work out how the trains work, etc. If it’s better to get an Pass where you can get on and off the trains as many times as you want or to buy each time. Everything seems to be easily reached by train so a Pass for Italy seems like a good idea.

This is going to be an amazing trip and i’m surprisingly excited to travel a little bit by myself :slight_smile:


Definitely keen to explore Rome! I am really glad to have a few extra days to see a bit more then the two days of the tour.

The trains are pretty confusing, I’ve worked out its only a 1.5/2 hour train trip to Naples and then I have to swap trains for Sorrento, so it would be good to have a pass rather then try and buy different tickets everywhere, I plan on using the train to get to Pompeii as well so the pass would make alot of sense…you will have to let me know if you figure it out ;D

I am excited to be spending some time travelling by myself as well, its daunting but I think it is also going to be such an amazing experience…as long as I dont get lost!