Paparazzi Parade May 2012


I’m planning on booking on to either the May 12th or 19th departure of the paparazzi parade tour. I’m travelling alone and was wondering if anyone is on the same trip or has done it and has any advice. It is my first time travelling alone so I would love to know about people’s experiences!


Hi Amanda
I am going on the Discover Europe on the 15th of May (which your Paparazzi Parade hooks into our tour on the 19th of May).
I’m sure you will have an awesome time no matter which date you choose! It looks like its going to be really amazing.

I’m going with my partner but neither of us have traveled before (from what I have seen on my trip anyway there seems to be a good mix of solos and couples/pairs so should be cool ).

Not long to go now!

Looking forward to meeting you (if your on my trip)

Lisa :slight_smile:


Hi Amanda,

I’m going to be on the May 19th tour, traveling solo as well, maybe we will be on the same trip! I’m very excited, let me know which one you go for.


Officially booked on May 19th departure! Can’t wait to meet everyone :slight_smile: