Paparazzi Parade (Discover Europe)



I will be on the 9 day Paparazzi Parade tour starting on 10th September ( I believe this is part of the discover europe tour as well). I just wanted to check if there was anyone else only doing the Paparazzi Parade part and I will be in Barlcelona from the 8th September as well as staying in Rome for a few days extra so would br great if others are there also. Might even try and get some football tickets if there are any matches if anyone was interested?



Hey Laura…Ill be on the discover Europe tour that you will be joining in barcelona!! Not long to go now…looking forward to meeting you :slight_smile: are you doing any other travel when you finish the tour??


I am started to get excited now with only 2 weeks to go :slight_smile: I have an extra two days in Rome once my trips ends but then its back to London for me.


Yeah I arrive London on Saturday so not long to go now ;D I’m doing the full tour then off to do the 10 day Greek island hopper!! I’ll see you in 2 weeks :slight_smile: